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Zapya File Transfer

Very often, users are faced with a problem when there is no internet, and it is impossible to transfer the information they need. This is especially frustrating when the file contains a report or important data on a financial transaction.

Why use the Zapya app?

Zapya is a special app for Android that you can install for free and which allows you to exchange files between different mobile devices. The transfer takes place via Wi-Fi. Therefore, a lack of internet connection is not an excuse for not sending a financial report or other important information on time.

Users are happy with the fact that the app is cross-platform and allows data transfer to Android, iOS and PC. The developers have taken all user wishes into account and have made it possible to transfer not only files but also large folders. Transfer speeds of up to 5 Mbps are supported.

Features of the Zapya app

In addition to the fact that the app can be installed on any device with a different OS, the developers have implemented many other interesting features, for example:

  • participation in groups of up to 5 people to share folders and files
  • the ability to create a personalised QR code for subsequent scanning
  • backup functions
  • watching other people’s videos
  • quick and complete transfer
  • multilingual support

Downloading is standard and uncomplicated. After unzipping the download, the data is downloaded to any operating system.

Advertising and paid content

The current downloadable version is us, size 9.3m. Paid content costs less than $1, with ads disabled. With each future update, the suite of applications is expanded and supplemented in some cases.

Developer: Dewmobile, Inc.

Download Zapya – File Transfer, Share Apps & Music Playlist from Google Play

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