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File Transfer

Among the applications of interest to Play market users is the application xShare, specifically designed for the rapid exchange of data and files. Installed on android, at least version 4.2. The file size is 9.1M.

The developers of the software have taken into account the requirements and wishes of users, and have created a share program that does not require a connection to a single Wi-Fi access point or network. Software also does not require a connection via Bluetooth, or through other interfaces.

Two basic conditions must be met for data transfer (transfer file):

The mobile devices must be in close proximity to each other;
support the function of working in the mobile hotspot mode.
The program allows you to exchange any type of data, including multimedia, applications, and documents. The only exception is that it is not possible to transfer a file with system data.

XShare features and capabilities

Downloading is performed in normal mode, the download itself does not take much time. After unpacking the downloads, the software is installed on the mobile device automatically. The peculiarity of the presented software is that it has a modem function and through the sharing option allows you to connect other devices to the mobile Internet. This mode is usually used on ios tablets not provided with 3G/4G-modules or for smartphones with limited tariff access.

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You can transmit data for free, just press “Send” before sending. On the second device, confirm the action by tapping the prompt “Confirm”. When using vshare, the transfer rate exceeds the data transfer via Bluetooth by about 50 times.

When the application is running, no mobile traffic is connected, but the user periodically has to familiarize himself with unobtrusive advertising.

Download XShare – Transfer & Share all from Google Play

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