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Xperia File Transfer

Buying a new phone is not only a pleasure, but also the problem of how to transfer data from one device to another. And if the phones are different brands, transferring data is very difficult. For this, Sony has developed an application that allows you to copy all the contents of an old phone to a new one.

Xperia Transfer Mobile is a mobile app for androids that makes it quick and easy to transfer all your folders and files to another phone. In order to do this you need to download the software and carry out the migration without losing any data.

Features of the Xperia Transfer Mobile app

  • Not only can you transfer photos and music files, but also calendar entries, contacts, messages, calls, apps, text documents and more.
  • The interface is nice and simple.
  • Intuitive settings.
  • White theme.
  • You can navigate through the app using the touch screen.
  • After the transfer, the data verification system works.
  • It is possible to repeat the data transfer.
  • Data transfer statistics are available.
  • Check data for viruses (the whole device can be scanned).
  • Statistics on useful and useless programmes.

Before transferring files and system apps, check that they will work on the new device.

Advertising and paid content

Xperia Transfer Mobile is a mobile app for smartphones that is available for free download. There are no paid features. There are no advertisements. Developer: Sony Mobile Communications

Download Xperia Transfer Mobile from Google Play

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