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WebMoney Wallet for Android is designed to transfer funds and control your savings in the system WebMoney. The application gives access to all your WM wallets from your cell phone.

App Features

Having the Web money app on your android gadget allows you not only to monitor your electronic account, but also to perform the following services:

  • Refill your cell phone account and pay for services in online games.
  • Transfer funds to other e-wallets.
  • Transfer funds to bank cards and accounts.
  • Pay for online purchases through the app.
  • Enter a dialog with other members of the app. For this purpose, it is necessary that your interlocutor has the application installed.
  • You can borrow money from Web Money and get it back later.
  • Protect access to your account by installing a pin-code or a graphic key on the application.
  • Thanks to WebMoney Voice service, voice dialogs can be carried out over a closed communication channel. Thus any conversation will not go “beyond” the application.

How to use the app

To begin with, it is necessary to go through the registration stage, where you should enter your data, account number and upload a photo. After the registration is complete, you will be provided with management sections, which will open all the features of the application for the user. Linking the bank account to the account will help control the balance on the card, as well as monitor the history of payments and funds transfers.

Pros and Cons

The application allows 100% control of your funds, management and transfer of funds to any bank and electronic accounts, and it is possible to enter a dialogue between the participants in the transaction, which allows you to secure the transfer process. In addition to its rich functionality, the application has excellent protection, which will protect your funds from interference of fraudsters. We did not find any disadvantages with the application, as it does its job perfectly.

Advertising and shopping

Since the WebMoney application is designed to pay bills and make purchases over the Internet, while using some functions (communication, transfers, shopping) ads are displayed.

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