Walking for Weight Loss & Pedometer – Step Counter

Step Counter

Walking for Weight Loss & Pedometer is designed for people who prefer to lead an active lifestyle and do sports. The application allows you to count steps and analyze walking routes in automatic mode. At the same time, all details are saved and recorded without the user’s participation.

Application Features

The program is designed to function on the Android system and works steadily in all conditions. The Pedometer app has as its main function the measurement of various parameters:

  • the current step speed based on the data obtained from the GPS;
  • total duration of a particular action;
  • altitude and distance of the route.

The program saves and tracks not only routes on Google maps and GPS, but also all user actions. In this case, the interface and menu items are simple and clear, because they are accompanied not only by function labels but also by appropriate thematic pictures (icons) to identify the menu item.

Much attention is paid to the calorie counter. This will be of interest not only to athletes but also to ordinary people who want to lose or control their own weight. Thus, it is possible to greatly facilitate the task of calculating calories according to a person’s activity during the day.

Advertising and paid content

The developers use a variety of ads in the application, which allows them to make a profit since the download of the program itself is absolutely free.

Download Walking for Weight Loss & Pedometer – Step Counter from Google Play

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