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Voice Recorder is an app for recording audio on your android mobile device. The application has a clear user interface and wide functionality comparable with a professional voice recorder.

Where can I use this application?

Whenever you need audio recording: at lectures, meetings, presentations, and the like. Maybe you like to sing and want to know if you’re good at it? Record your voice, listen to it, and make conclusions.

App Features

  • Comfortable interface
  • HD quality audio recording
  • Option to skip silence – there will be no failed pauses in the recording
  • Stop recording option
  • Can record in the background while the screen is off
  • Can save, delete, playback and cancel recording
  • mp3 format
  • Can record with built-in microphone or external microphone
  • Control the duration of recordings
  • Different naming methods for recordings
  • Sending recordings to different recipients
  • Selectable quality (sample rate) of recordings
  • Changing the storage location
  • Ability to calibrate the microphone
  • Pause recording when receiving a call
  • Notification of registration
  • Recording with display turned on
  • Set the device to silent mode when recording

Download Voice Recorder – Sound Recorder PRO from Google Play

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