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Urban Biker is an app for tracking numerous daily physical activities. The application has a wide and convenient functionality and a wide range of settings.

App Features

High accuracy with maximum simplicity.


  • Supports Bluetooth LE and ANT+ sensors and more
  • Barometer support – resulting in high altitude accuracy
  • Power meter
  • Auto pause capability


  • Wide functionality.
  • Optimizes battery power consumption.
  • No internet required. Internet only needed for online maps.
  • Prompt switching of profiles.
  • Cockpit – conditions the monitoring of 65 parameters of statistics: distance, power, speed, temperature, performance, heart rate (cardio indicator), time, pace, altitude, pressure and more. Unprocessed data – in CSV format.
  • Ability to share on social networks: Facebook, Google Fit, Strava.

Reliability and safety

  • Bike light – pulsating light. Automatic shutdown when placed in your pocket.
  • Automatic chime when braking. Manual mode when the phone is shaken or touched.
  • Secure privacy – save tracks only on your device. Hide the location of your home and any private places.

Wide application range

  • Cycling.
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Rollerblading
  • Walking on skis
  • Snowboarding
  • Sailing
  • And other options

The device with the program can be in your pocket, in your bag, on your handlebars, on your armband, on your dashboard, and the like.

Ads and paid content

  • There are ads in the app.
  • No information about paid content

Download Urban Biker from Google Play

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