Talking Alarm Clock Beyond

Alarm clock

A practical app for a successful start to the day. The alarm clock wakes you up and informs you about the upcoming tasks of the day.

Application Features

  • Alarms can be a one-time alarm or repeated every week or at an interval set by you
  • Direct boot support – alarms are activated right after reboot before unlocking (API 24+)
  • Variety of final wake-up options: alarm silencing via math tasks, captcha, shaking the device, walking and other methods
  • Wake up comfortably to your favorite music, cheerful melody, online radio and so on
  • Original ringtone collection with 17 different options
  • Mayday Mode option: the ultimate wake-up guarantee. Automatic alarm signal amplification before your final wake up
  • Voice control of the alarm clock and timer with the phrase “Okay, Google
  • Backup: automatic backup and restore
  • A variety of options for setting the alarm. Different settings for each alarm

Signal parameters

  • Alarm label: displayed in the alarm list and used as an additional reminder
  • Different alarm repetition intervals: one-time without repetition, weekly with repetition, or at a preset interval
  • Variety of alarm sounds: music, melody, selected music playlist or online radio
  • Adjustable alarm volume
  • Deactivation of volume decrease alarm – option for those who have a hard time waking up
  • Volume crescendo: ability to gradually increase alarm volume over a selected period of time
  • Adjustable snooze settings: select snooze option, snooze duration, snooze auto-return duration, maximum number of times (snooze option can be disabled)
  • Option to activate or deactivate vibration during the alarm
  • Information about weather conditions
  • Notification of an upcoming alarm
  • Deletion function after rejection: you can choose to delete the alarm after rejection
  • Features: copy – reset – preview options: you can check your alarms

New in the latest version:

  • Support for Android 12
  • Added bug fixing strategies
  • Added search by alarm label for users with more alarms (25 or more)
  • Improvements to the clock tab (added seconds, more time zones)
  • Customizable duration for general “Mute during stop” settings
  • Removed sound at the end of automatic actions

Download Talking Alarm Clock Beyond from Google Play

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