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Super Voice Recorder is an android application for voice and sound recording. The app is simple and easy to use, has a clear user interface and easy settings.

App Features

  • One-touch voice recorder activation
  • Comfortable playback of the recording
  • You can rename the recordings and send them to different addresses
  • Excellent quality of recorded sound. Seven grades of recording quality. Higher quality recording requires a larger file size
  • Supports MP3 format. Does not require transcoding during playback
  • Flawless background while recording. No loss in recording quality when the screen is turned off (background mode)
  • Stores recordings in the root folder of the SD card. You can play the recording on the internal player as well as through the file browser of your phone

This program will be useful for recording in a variety of cases: at lectures in classrooms and classes at school, at concerts and festivals, at home and at work.

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Download Super Voice Recorder from Google Play

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