StepsApp Pedometer

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StepsApp Pedometer will be useful for everyone who loves movement and prefers walking in the fresh air. You will always be able to control your motor activity.

App features

  • Automatic step counting mode
  • Calorie counter
  • “Today” widget
  • Graphs: weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Animation
  • Statistics for different time periods: 1 month and 12 months
  • Different colors for raising charts: 6 options
  • Notifications: when the required daily workload is met
  • Social option: the ability to post to social resources directly from the application
  • No additional equipment required
  • Pedometer, accurate pedometer and activity tracker
  • Operational analysis: step count for the day, number of steps on a specific distance, time spent and calories burned
  • Weekly report
  • Languages: 20 plus support
  • Ability to connect with Google Fit

If you strive to lead an active lifestyle and want to normalize your weight, the StepsApp Pedometer app will be a reliable assistant for you.

Download StepsApp Pedometer from Google Play

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