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Solid Explorer is a file explorer that many mobile device owners need to work with their files comfortably. If you are just in search of the right application, try downloading Solid Explorer on android. This file manager is praised by many advanced users for its convenience and abundance of useful features.

App Features

Solid Explorer is a dual-pane browser, which means that the application uses two separate windows on a common gadget screen to display files. This provides a high level of comfort and clarity when working with content. Files can be dragged and dropped between and within both panels.

Solid Explorer contains a lot of different tools, which is an advantage of this application. The manager performs all basic operations with files and archives, supports Chromecast, works with bookmarks, knows how to open and hide important folders, and works with an FTP server. It also has a built-in media player and image browser. Basic operations do not require root rights, but with them the user has more opportunities.

Solid manager is also a Cloud Explorer because the application does not only work with local files. The application allows you to manage data stored in cloud services such as Dropbox, Mediafire, Google Drive, SugarSync, Owncloud and some others.

Solid Explorer’s usability and design

The design of the application uses elements of Material Design, and different color schemes are preset. There are several sets of icons and themes to personalize the appearance of the explorer. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly understand all the settings and learn how to work with the application.

Solid Explorer is a free download for Android from the link below. All functions of the application are ready to use in full. However, there is a time limit on the program’s operation. After 14 days after installation, the user must purchase a license key for the application, which currently costs about $1.5. Only the old version of Solid Explorer Classic with reduced functionality and advertising is completely free.

Download Solid Explorer File Manager from Google Play

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