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A convenient application for mobile android devices. It combines a simple but smart alarm clock that has quite a wide functionality.

App Features

  • Convenient, simple, straightforward interface
  • A gentle gentle signal that wakes you up without stressful consequences. You wake up feeling awake and rested, and organically fit into your work day.
  • The rise in power of the alarm goes smoothly
  • Simple and easy alarm hour setting
  • Ability to set multiple alarms
  • Repetition of the alarm at specific daily intervals (weekends, weekdays, etc.)
  • Type of alarm to choose from standard or other applications
  • Adjusting the strength of the alarm and its duration
  • “Postpone” – this function allows you to postpone the alarm to another time
  • “Hold to disable” – this function eliminates accidental triggering
  • “Hold to postpone” – this feature allows you to define the time to which the alarm is postponed
  • Needs internet to send error messages.
  • No ads

To be able to select additional signal types, you can use third-party providers such as Zedge.

Premium version features

  • The manufacturer first tests all new alarm clock options on the free version and only after a positive result introduces these options to the premium version, which guarantees reliability and convenience.
  • This algorithm eliminates bugs in the premium version, so there is no need to go online to send error reports.

Advertising and paid content

There are no ads. The paid version is represented by the premium version.

Download Simple Alarm Clock from Google Play

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