ShareMe: File sharing

File Transfer

The ShareMe Android app is suitable for all Android smartphones (Android). It is designed to transfer files without an Internet connection.

What the app is for

The ShareMe: File sharing app is a file sharing service. It is supported by all Android smartphones and tablets. There is no need to use a USB cable or use mobile data or Wi-Fi to transfer data.

Features and capabilities of the application

ShareMe: File sharing is an application with a simple interface and easy to use.

What are the features of this application and why you should choose it:

  • Suitable for any device;
  • does not require open access to Internet;
  • transfers large files without a USB-cable;
  • Several hundred times faster than Bluetooth;
  • ad-free;
  • is popular with most users;
  • when selecting a nickname, you can choose a funny image or add your own photo;
  • allows you to transfer files to computers.
  • With WebShare, files can be transferred over the Internet and even to IOS devices.

Unlike analog applications, ShareMe: File sharing contains more than seventy languages instead of the usual 3-5 languages. Among them are Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, English, and even rarer languages like Norwegian, Uzbek and Kazakh.

A huge plus of the application is the function of resuming interrupted transmissions.

Availability of advertising, paid content

ShareMe: File sharing is completely free. It contains no ads and no paid content at all. There is no need to pay money to use the program.

Application ShareMe: File sharing is a great helper for transferring large files and different formats. It has a nice light interface and fast transfer speed. Users all over the world choose ShareMe: File sharing, you should try it too.

Download ShareMe: File sharing from Google Play

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