Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

File Transfer

Among the many programs that allow you to transfer information without connecting to the Internet, we can highlight the application sendanywhere, because of its practicality and functionality. The program is designed for direct exchange of large files, including apk (archive application).

Downloading, downloading and installing does not cause difficulties, so Send Anywhere is available to everyone. You can download the file for free, just visit Google Play market. The android version must be at least 4.2. The download volume is 12M. The application includes paid content.

The device with the adapted program has the ability to automatically detect copies running on other devices. You can perform transfer of any data:

  • documents;
  • multimedia files;
  • files and folders;
  • text content.

The exchange can be performed only after entering a confirmation code known only to the sender. This ensures confidentiality and mobile security.

Features and capabilities of Send Anywhere

Transmission of information has a time limit, after which it becomes inaccessible. Simple and clear interface of the application is adapted to the device with a touch screen. The software can be installed on a Windows PC or any android or iOS mobile device.

Paid content, advertising

When Wi-Fi Direct is enabled, you can transfer data without using mobile traffic or the Internet, just have a six-digit key. You can download any files that are stored in the original. The software has paid content (139.99 UAH), which excludes broadcast advertising. The current version of the program is 8.9.13. Only one program interface language – English – is supported.

Download Send Anywhere (File Transfer) from Google Play

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