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Save Location GPS is a tool for pinpointing your location. With the app you will easily determine exactly where you are, you will be able to save significant places for you, you will not have to look for your car in the parking lot. You will also be able to share your locations with your acquaintances and friends.

App Features

  • One click and your location is saved on your device.
  • The program works offline in the same way as it does online. (GPS will need a certain time to find the given location).
  • With the program you will save all the parameters of your location: address, photo, longitude and latitude.
  • In the program it is easy to edit the saved location parameters – to make adjustments or delete.
  • It is possible to group several locations for more convenient later use.
  • Possibility to use various types of maps: satellite, landscape, road or hybrid maps.
  • Favorites. Pin your favourite places to the places you care about. Operational access.
  • Access your favourite places from various devices.
  • Export and import. Use the ability to send and receive location data. Export in CSV file format.

The program will be useful to all travellers, tourists, business travellers and so on. You will forever save the features of your trips and be able to introduce them to your family and friends.

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Download Save Location GPS from Google Play

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