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Samsung Pay is a cell phone application that allows you to make payments in many countries around the world. More than 100 banks in the CIS countries work with this program. The number of stores and companies that accept payments via cell phone increases every day.

What’s the app for?

Samsung Pay is a new service that allows you to make payments with your smartphone. Payments can be made in places where bank cards are accepted. The user does not need to connect to the Internet. There is no need to carry a wallet and constantly count paper money. To pay for the goods you like, it is enough to bring your phone to the terminal and confirm that you are the owner of the bank card.

App Features

  • The application is very simply arranged;
  • It is possible to pay not only in the online space, but also in supermarkets where this system works;
  • Allows to completely do away with paper money;
  • The app is tamper-proof and protected against withdrawals by other users;
  • To log into the app and make a payment, all you have to do is enter a pin code;
  • All cardholder data is protected by encryption;
  • The program is protected against viruses;
  • If someone tried to hack the card or withdraw money, a message will be sent to the user’s phone number and the card will be temporarily blocked;
  • Notifications of updates and new products;
  • Possibility to use several cards at the same time;
  • You can add not only bank cards, but also discount cards, club cards, and others;
  • Suitable not only for phones from the brand Samsung, but also for other smartphones, which are equipped with NFC;
  • The application can work without Internet;
  • Users who are in roaming. Can make payments and not lose money on exchange;
  • It is possible to change themes and fonts.

The Samsung Pay application can be downloaded from the Google Play Market mobile store. It is free for all users. There is no paid content. There are no ads in the program. This is very convenient because it does not hang and works smoothly.

Download Samsung Pay from Google Play

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