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For people who prefer an active lifestyle, it will be useful to install an application to measure the speed of movement and the duration of the traversed route. The software product has a clear interface and includes several useful functions. Thanks to such a set, the effect of an ordinary run, regardless of the goals set, will be achieved much faster.

Application Features

This program is popular with athletes and many active people. Among the features of the application are: measuring walking pace, calculating calories used, and more. A special calculator will allow people who are engaged in sports to plan training more effectively. The advantages of using this program are the following:

  • the ability to study the statistics of sports activities;
  • A full range of functions required to analyze physical activity;
  • intuitive and easy to use interface.

Due to a number of such advantages, the running and walking calculator has already been installed by thousands of users. Each of them has managed to achieve the desired weight loss, get the desired shape, tone muscles. The program responds to an increase in strength, development of speed, allows you to calculate the increase in endurance, which was achieved during training.

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As with other free applications, the user will have to view ads.

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