Runkeeper – Run & Mile Tracker

Bike Tracker

The app is a personalized mobile trainer. With the Run Keeper app you can easily monitor your running, step training, walking and cycling. Track your physical activity and improve your physical fitness.

Application Features and Features

  • Availability of comprehensive statistics on the distance covered, time spent and calories burned
  • Ability to listen to statistical information and trainer recommendations through headphones
  • Ability to listen to music during the entire workout
  • Measure your heart rate with sensors
  • Take photos and show them to your friends while you are training
  • Update your weight for an accurate calorie count analysis
  • Use your training log to evaluate your performance
  • Get notifications of your progress
  • Match your progress to your goals
  • Create step-by-step plans to get the results you want
  • Ability to save your workouts as itineraries for later use
  • Ability to publish your workout statistics (distance, time, calories burned, achievements, etc.) on Facebook and Twitter
  • Ability to show your live training and competition maps (RunKeeper Elite subscription required)
  • The app is free, but there are ads

The app will help you assess your fitness and health levels. You can use to combine your physical activity data with data from 70 apps and services (Fitbit, Withings, Garmin, and so on) to get a comprehensive overview of your health status and make plans to improve it.

Download Runkeeper – Run & Mile Tracker from Google Play

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