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QIWI is rightfully considered one of the most popular payment systems in the former Soviet Union. With its help users can receive and spend money. QIWI Wallet application for Android allows you to manage this process using your smartphone. This is helped by a simple and at the same time thoughtful interface.

App Features

With the QIWI Wallet application the user has the opportunity:

  1. Top up your balance. You can do this in cash at a terminal, with a Visa or Mastercard, at an ATM, from your phone balance or even by borrowing money from the system.
  2. Pay for the services supported by the system. Due to its popularity, resources tend to connect to QIWI as soon as possible, which is good for the user.
  3. Receive or transfer money within the system or to other payment services. There is also an opportunity to withdraw funds.

How to use the app

Start using the system by visiting the service Google Play, where you need to download QIWI Wallet on Android device. After the apk with the latest version of the program is downloaded and installed on the mobile device, register in the system. The client gets access by phone number. When registering, the user gets a “minimal” status. The name tells us about the restrictions on the amount of money stored in the system, withdrawal of funds and the number of available payment services. To increase the limit, Russian citizens need to make some personal information for verification. The maximum limits are obtained by personal visit to the office of the company or its partners. If your device has a built-in fingerprint scanner, you can use it to log in to the application and confirm transactions. If not, a four-digit code is used, which is set by the user.

Pros and Cons

The disadvantages of the system include the commission for withdrawal to a card or bank account. But this is compensated by the advantages:

  • More than ten thousand different services, from housing and utilities to online games, are available for payment.
  • The user-friendly interface makes it easy to make a payment, transfer or withdraw money.
  • When you top up your e-wallet, the commission is 0%.
  • The app is free, except for the withdrawal fee.

Unlike many apps, QIWI does not pester customers with advertising messages. The absence of paid services is also logical, because the company’s profit comes from withdrawal and payment fees. In general, using the application users are in a mutually beneficial relationship with the system. It is no exaggeration to say that the popularity of the application is well-deserved.

Download QIWI Wallet from Google Play

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