Percentage Calculator


A useful application as a calculator.

The application is a traditional calculator with a set of basic functions for calculations. The user will find in it basic arithmetic calculations, memory, percentage calculations, and large numbers.

Application Features

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Stylish design
  • Large numbers and signs
  • Backlight keys
  • Ability to perform basic arithmetic calculations: subtraction, addition, division and multiplication
  • Percentage calculations
  • Recording functions: “M +”, “M-“, “MR”, “MS”.
  • This calculator has no superfluous functions and options: the calculator is accessible, handy and simple.

Advertising and paid content

  • Ads are present
  • No information about paid content

User feedback:

  • “Only use this calculator!!! cool, simple, large icons. Very handy!”!!
  • “Great calculator, been using it for over 3 years probably. I like the huge numbers and the ability to count percentages, not all calculators have that. Thanks “!!!!
  • “Large, bright (I use a dark background), everything is clear, has been with me for over a year.”

Download Percentage Calculator from Google Play

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