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PDF Reader is an application that allows you to view files in PDF format and other less popular extensions on your phone or tablet, whether it is a document or just a book. Easy browsing and a wide range of additional features make this “reader” one of the most popular applications on your smartphone, which means you should definitely download PDF reader for android.

PDF reader features

The eye-pleasing design does not force the user to study a lot of unnecessary manuals and instructions. In addition to the wide functionality, PDF reader has the following features:

  • Animated scrolling and page turning
  • Add bookmarks and search through text
  • Notes and annotations right in the text
  • Create a text file with a list of bookmarks
  • View directories online
  • Editable tables and lists
  • Built-in automatic dictionaries
  • Flexible interface customization
  • Two modes of design – night and day
  • Screen brightness adjustment
  • Convert from one format to another

Pros and cons of the app

Easy to use reader, 100% performing all the necessary functions. Perfectly adapted for different versions of devices, does not lag and does not load the system at all. The sophisticated system of choice of materials for reading and opening files, a clear interface and the use of a wide list of formats for opening. Quality analogue of adobe, djvu or foxit readers. Of disadvantages – the way of monetization (advertising content).

Ads and paid content

The application is monetized with in-built advertising that is periodically shown to the user. This allows you to use the program completely free of charge. You don’t pay money for the functionality – all the features in the reader are provided free of charge.

Download PDF Reader from Google Play

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