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Looking for a good voice recorder for your android? Try Parrot Voice Recorder – it’s a great app for recording voice, conversation and voice memos on your phone. With this application you can always record your voice, call, conversation, music, songs and the like. The program guarantees high quality recording and, of course, playback.

The application has a simple and functional interface that is easy and convenient to use. With more than 100 combinations of settings, you’ll always have flawless recordings. If you want more advanced features, get the Pro version (in-house purchase), with which you can program recordings for specific dates and times of day, and synchronize your tracks with cloud storage (Google Drive or Dropbox).

App Features

  • You can use different microphones for recording: Standard, Video cameras, Bluetooth
  • You can use playlists of recordings for playback
  • You can send your tracks to any application
  • You can use the notification function. You can also use the program in the background
  • Android Wear option: you can control recording and playback directly from your wrist

Parrot Pro Features

  • Comfortable recording of incoming or outgoing calls (automatic recording mode is possible, manual recording detection is possible)
  • You can easily schedule your recordings for any date and time of day, as well as define in advance the duration of the recording
  • Backup to the cloud – full synchronization
  • Recording formats: WAV and MP4
  • Choice of sampling rate and bit rate
  • Ability to use the microphone of your phone, camcorder or Bluetooth headset
  • Use internal recording effects: remove noise, echo, amplify (use your own gain control)
  • Automatic silence skipping function – the recording will not have failed pauses
  • Comfortable alerts – audio tones and vibration will let you know when recording starts and ends
  • Playback recording
  • You can adjust the bass
  • You can adjust the sound level
  • Preset Reverb function: you can create a recording effect in a large space and vice versa in a small one

Permissions requested by the application

  • Access to a microphone to make recordings
  • Access to external SD card to save recordings
  • Calls: The Parrot Pro version can record phone calls
  • Wakelock: To use the scheduled recording feature in the Parrot Pro version
  • Vibration. To let you know when recording starts and ends

Download Parrot Voice Recorder from Google Play

More information is on the official website of the developer.

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