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This app cannot yet boast the same army of users as colornote. But there are more and more connoisseurs of this good free notepad for phones and tablets. Join them!

App Features

  • Ability to create entries in directories and subdirectories. The Windows-like structure makes it much easier to find the notes you want, making it faster.
  • Adding images. Notes in the application are saved as text files. You can add images from the gallery and files with the extensions doc, xls and others.
  • Data backup. User can set up automatic backups of files if changes are made to them
  • Multi-level folders with records. There can be an unlimited number of subfolders in which notes are stored. Records in them can be hidden when necessary
  • Different encodings for text files. User’s journal is written in txt format and you can choose the encoding.
  • Possibility to add pictures. In addition to the quick creation of records, you can add images and files of any formats, including doc and xls.
  • Backup. You can set up automatic backups of notes. Synchronization with the cloud is not provided

Usability and design Notepad

The application has a simple interface and easy operation. You can set up color design themes, fonts notes. The design is simple, good. The user has the ability to choose the color of the theme, notes and files, to remove the titles of entries.

On this page you can download my notes notepad on android for free. The installation file (apk) is distributed freely on all resources, starting from google play. The app does not contain ads, Pro versions or content for sale.

Download notepad (notes) on android for free on our website is very simple: the download of the apk file starts after you click on the appropriate button. The program is completely devoid of advertising, there is no paid version, there is not even a donation button.

Download Notepad from Google Play

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