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Naviki – Bike navigation is a convenient and practical program for cyclists. The app will allow you to comfortably plan your bike rides, pick up routes on the map, and use navigation. The Naviki app will record your rides and synchronize them with You will collect all your routes in one place.


Mark the beginning and the end of the route and get the route with the necessary information.

You will see all the information you need on the display. Audio instructions do not distract you during the trip. If you accidentally (or not accidentally) deviate from the planned route, the program will automatically create a new route.

Quality of the route

The program itself will choose the best route, taking into account the road surface, the straightness of the route, the shortest distance and the safety of travel.

Mountain routes

The program will lay out individual mountain routes, which will take into account different aspects of the bike path, routes in the lap of picturesque nature.

Race routes

The app will create race routes, itself will choose paths with an appropriate surface suitable for racing, secondary, not busy roads – trips will be the fastest, most comfortable and safe.

S-pedelec routing

The app will give you special safe routes for e-bikes up to 30 mph.

Circle Routes

The program will build different alternative circular routes. Choose one to your liking.

Points of interest on routes

The program has a whole collection of sights that will decorate your trip on this or that route.


Download Naviki maps to your device and use them without connection to the Internet.

Itinerary profile

Program gives altitude profile: high points, low points and total altitude.


Maximum speed, average speed, covered distance, distance to the end of the route – always at your disposal.


The program via Bluetooth will show you the distance to the next turn and navigation arrows on the display screen. Let your device stay in your pocket or bag.


Routes are easy to record – press a button and the route will be recorded and saved in your personal cloud program. All of your trip statistics will be posted on

Step-by-step instructions.

The program does step-by-step instructions of the routes of all randomly selected.

Advertising and paid content

  • There are ads in the app
  • No information about paid content

Download Naviki – Bike navigation from Google Play

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