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Why do I need the “My Route” app?

When visiting the Play market, you can pay attention to the functional application for Android “My Route”, which allows you to keep track of the best options for travel, sightseeing, just walking in the fresh air. Thanks to the markers, you can always return to the place where the tour began and repeat the route taken


Functionality of the “My Route” application

To use the application, you will need to download Google Maps. The application is compatible with social networks – routes can be published on Facebook, as well as Line, WeChat, Gmail. Downloadable size – 4.9M, compatible with Android 4.0 and above.

During a sightseeing walk or a sport route, you can take pictures of the environment, which will be attached as a marker to the map. Passing a certain distance, you can publish its stages on social networks and other web resources. The functional application is able to build a dynamic speed chart, which is convenient when participating in sports competitions.

The “My Route” program has a voice prompt function.

The application is downloaded for free, but after two weeks there is advertising information. You can localize it by paying for the content, which costs from 24.99 to 30.0 UAH.

Download My Tracks from Google Play

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