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Move to ios File Transfer

Do you want to move from an Android device to an iPhone? Many users are wondering how to transfer their data from their Android smartphone to their iPhone. A special app can help.

Why do I need the Move to iOS app?

Move to iOS is a mobile app that helps you move files between Android and iOS. With this app, you can easily move from android to iOS without losing the information you want.

Features of the Move to iOS app

  • it transfers and copies your messages
  • sends photos and videos
  • requires you to enter a special code that will appear on the screen of your brand new iPhone
  • works by connecting to a Wi-Fi network
  • transferring your Google account and bookmarks
  • the app cannot be switched off or switched to another app during the transfer
  • purchased programmes do not need to be purchased again – they will be copied (purchased products in the app will also be copied)
  • Android users are offered free mobile phone recycling

Advertising and paid content

There are no ads or paid content on the Move to iOS app. All features are available completely free of charge, with no cost to you.

So Move to iOS will help you save all your information and transfer it to your new, advanced gadget with ease.

Developer: Apple Inc.

Download Move to iOS from Google Play

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