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Do you want full control over the movement of your money? Then you should download Money Manager for Android. With this financial manager you will be able to keep track of your expenses from your gadget and PC.

App Features

The app has a useful feature that allows users to edit their spending data from a personal computer. To do this, you need a Wi-Fi connection to a mobile device, and then the information about bills and expenses will be visible on the laptop screen.

The app has a detailed record of all receipts and expenditures. If you download Money Manager for Android for free, you will be able to configure your credit and debit cards management, automatic repayment of debts and write-off of regular payments. All receipts and expenditures will be reflected on the user’s assets.

The app boasts visibility and informativeness. The app uses infographics for convenient budget planning. You can see accurate graphs of the changes in the state of assets, income-expenses ratio and other statistical information.

The app also allows you to password protect access to the program, configure up to 10 assets, create data backups, export and import data, and use other useful features.

Money Manager’s usability and design

The design of Money Manager is quite modern. The developers are constantly improving it, listening to users’ opinions. The interface is convenient, russified, settings are simple, reports are detailed and clear. For quick access to the application there is a nice-looking informative widget and the ability to configure the output of notifications on the gadget screen.

Money Manager free download on android user can follow the link below. This is a free version of the application with basic functions. It has a limit on the creation of assets (no more than 10) and there is advertising. It can be disabled after purchasing the paid version of the program for about $1. It also has no limit on the number of assets, and uses a handy ledger with a search function for information.

Download Money Manager from Google Play

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