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Location Map is a navigator app for android. With this application, you can always easily navigate in an unfamiliar area and get all the necessary useful information.

App Features

  • Locating your location on the map
  • Ability to display your current location on the map using the marker icon
  • Ability to search for any desired location on the map
  • Option to display your current route on the map in red
  • Easy to find all that you need near your location: stores and restaurants, cinemas and showrooms, gyms and educational institutions, hospitals and clinics, government agencies and private companies, etc.
  • Indication of the laid route on the map
  • Different types of maps used: regular map, area map, satellite map, hybrid map
  • Zoom in map
  • List of places found on map with distance and address
  • Detailed information on your requests: Web site, rating, phone, name, address, opening hours, etc.
  • Support of different languages: from Chinese to Russian

Advertising and paid content

  • There are ads in the app
  • No information about paid content

Download Location Map from Google Play

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