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We bring to the attention of lovers of sleep in the morning extra half an hour a new application for reliable awakening. Download Life Time Alarm Clock on android is recommended for those who need a simple and effective alarm clock. It has all the necessary options for this purpose.

Features and functions of the Life Time Alarm Clock

Soft or hard wake-up – the app allows you to choose how harsh the morning alarm will be. The “soft” version will gradually increase the volume over a user-defined period of time. For a hard wake-up, a sharp alarm is used, with a repeat after a few minutes or a silence after the task is solved.

Event reminders are another good reason to download Life Time Alarm Clock on android for free. The app will beep when you need to drink a pill, congratulate a friend on a holiday, or simply take a dish out of the oven. You can set a reminder of any event, both one-time and recurring.

Low power consumption – the app requires a minimum amount of power. Most similar programs waste up to 8% of battery power, even in the background mode. With Life Time Alarm Clock this figure is much lower, and the app hardly ever strains the battery.

Ease of use and design

The application has a discreet design, with several color schemes and customizable icons. It is very easy to operate, despite the lack of russification. The main menu of the program consists of two tabs. The first collects everything about the clock, the design of which the user can choose to his liking, and the second are the settings for the alarm clock. There you can set the time, the ringing, the interval of the alarm repetition, the ringtone (including your own options), its volume, etc.

Life Time Alarm Clock download for free on android you can follow the link at the bottom of the page. The application is distributed freely and without restrictions. All the basic functions in it are available by default. It is possible to expand the capabilities of the program by buying additional content for a few dollars.

Download Life Time Alarm Clock from Google Play

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