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INKredible app for taking notes and thoughts on android. Turn your phone into a notebook.

App Features

Different input tools – write on the screen with a special pen or finger. The thickness of the displayed line will depend on the strength of the pressure. As a result, the text or drawing will appear in the notebook as if made with an ink pen. The color of the ink and the thickness of the imaginary pen pen pen can be chosen by the user. Text input from the keyboard is also supported.

Different notepads are another reason to download INKredible on android for free. The user will be able to create multiple notebooks, edit, clone and delete them if necessary. You can add and remove pages to each of them, as well as clear them written in a single touch.

History and Clipboard – the application allows you to undo an action you have just performed or to return it again. There is also support for the clipboard, from which you can paste text or drawings onto a page in Notepad. The result of your creativity can be shared with other users.

Usability and design

Notepad is made as convenient as possible to work with. Basically, the main window of the application is a sheet of electronic paper, the design of which the user chooses personally. The color, the width of the pen and other parameters of the pen are also customizable. Use a swipe from the edge of the gadget to the center of the display to bring up the toolbar, there is an option to fix it on the screen. There is a special mode for enlarging the text fragment for small handwriting recognition.

Download INKredible – Handwriting Note from Google Play

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