How To Choose An Android Phone?

There are many different phones on the market for Android OS. The choice is very large, from inexpensive budget models for less than $100 to flagship phones for thousands of dollars. How to choose the right android phone and not overpay?

Step One

Determine what you buy a smartphone for in the first place. In the past, a mobile phone was only bought for one purpose – to receive calls and make calls, because the phone couldn’t do anything else. But nowadays, a mobile phone is a computer in your pocket, and not only a computer, but also a camera, navigator, player. 

If you only need a phone as a communication device to make calls, write in messengers, check your e-mail, then almost any budget model can handle such tasks. Also, most inexpensive smartphones can be used as a player, navigator, camera, dictionary, notebook, translator, etc. Smartphone android capabilities are enhanced by installing applications.

Step Two

Not every android phone will fit in your pocket. If you plan to carry the phone in your pocket and do not want to feel discomfort, then pay attention to the screen diagonal. Smartphones with screen diagonals of up to 5 inches or slightly larger can easily fit in your pockets and are easily operated with one hand. Phones with large screens may not be convenient from this point of view. If you have the option, before buying a phone, hold it in your hand and appreciate how comfortable you are with it.

Perhaps phones with a diagonal of about five inches – the best solution for most users, as all standard and popular features of the phone – correspondence in messengers, shooting photos and videos, surfing the Internet, etc. – are comfortably realized on such screens.

Step Three 

If you’ve never used a smartphone before, think about charging it periodically. If the outlet isn’t far away, there shouldn’t be a problem, otherwise, remember that you should normally charge your phone every two days. It should be understood that if you are actively using your phone and its screen is on for a long time, the battery will be enough for several hours of work. If you don’t use much and the phone is in standby almost all the time, it can work for days or weeks without recharging. In any case, the higher the battery capacity, the longer your phone will last. 

Step Four

If you plan to run high-power applications on your smartphone, a budget phone may not be enough. A phone with a powerful processor, RAM, and a high-performance graphics core will cost you money. 

Determine which applications you mainly want to run on your phone and find out the best system requirements for them.

Step Five

There’s not much memory. Usually, there isn’t enough memory, as any application or files on your phone take up space in the phone’s internal memory. So it would be best if you bought a phone with so much internal memory that it has enough for all your tasks. It is better to have enough memory or to buy a phone that can expand the internal memory with external memory cards.

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