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Thinking about installing a surveillance camera in your home or office? Then this app is for you! You can download WardenCam on android and watch your children, pets or employees from anywhere. Users only need two mobile devices and Internet access.

Capabilities and Features

Uninterrupted video surveillance – the application must be installed on two gadgets, using one as a camera and the other as a receiving device (viewing mode). After that, video surveillance is performed without direct user participation. Broadcasting does not stop in the dark, because night shooting mode is supported. You can disconnect from viewing at any time, reconnect to it and even send your voice over the camera.

Motion sensor recording is not the last reason to download WardenCam on android for free. The application allows you to configure the selective activation of the camera. Video surveillance and broadcast recording can start in automatic mode after the motion sensor triggers. As soon as this happens, the user will receive a corresponding notification.

Synchronization with Dropbox – the camera video broadcasts and event logs of the application can be recorded in the cloud. For storing video files, the user gets 2 GB of space in Dropbox. You can view them both through the app and directly without leaving the cloud.

Ease of use and design

The application is very easy to use, even though there is no russified interface. The developers are working on the translation, the staff of technical support sometimes responds to users in Russian, but most of the communication is in English. The design of the application is nice, but quite ordinary. The settings are simple, the controls are clear.

You can download WardenCam for free on android from the link at the bottom of the application page. The program is available to everyone for a trial period of 24 hours. If during this time the user has not decided whether he needs the application, he can contact technical support and they will extend the trial period. Those who realize within 24 hours that they need such a program should buy the Premium version for $ 5.99.

Download Home Security Camera WardenCam – reuse old phones from Google Play

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