GStep: Pedometer, Step Counter, Running Tracker

Step Counter

GStep: Pedometer, Step Counter, Running Tracker will easily calculate your steps and calories spent. At any load you will always know how much distance you covered and how many calories you spent. With this app, it’s easy to control your exertion, your weight and develop a balanced diet. You will always be in shape and in a good mood.

Application Features

  • Reminder function – you won’t forget about the need to exercise on foot
  • Easily count and control your calories burned – start and pause counter options
  • Confidentiality of all data is guaranteed
  • App works without network
  • The app will not “consume” the battery of your device
  • Convenient control of your drinking regime
  • Daily total of distances traveled in km. and steps – updated every 24 hours
  • Very nice and easy to use interface
  • Data synchronization: link and data synchronization with GG Fit connected to garmin smartwatch. Convenient workouts thanks to data synchronization with GG Fit connected to a garmin smartwatch.
  • The app is free, but with ads

Basic calorie counting functions

  • Direct counting of steps taken
  • Accelerometer function – the sensor will measure your acceleration
  • Counter options: start – pause – reset. Maximum simplicity, efficiency and convenience
  • Precise counting of calories burned during exertion. Conversion of steps taken to calories burned
  • Totals for each day (load and calories), report
  • Chart of calories burned, distance traveled
  • Tracker for running
  • Step counter and recording of distances covered
  • Useful record of a specific route. Opportunity to change selected route
  • Precise analysis

Tracker for the cyclist

  • Ability to control your pace, measure your distance
  • Accurate speed and time analysis, bike computer
  • Accurate calculation of calories burned during the ride

Notification Center

  • Ability to send information about distances covered, notifications of new likes or comments on your posts
  • Share your results
  • Share your progress after each workout – communicate with your friends The program allows you to add your own images and edit your signature

Download GStep: Pedometer, Step Counter, Running Tracker from Google Play

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