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GPS Route Planner is an app that makes it easy for you to compose the route you want using GPS navigation on the map. You can easily determine the best driving direction and find routes using voice navigation on the map

Advantages of GPS Route Planner

  • Using the route tracker, you can quickly find the most convenient routes, calculate the distance and time required for the trip
  • If necessary, you can add stops along the way and find out about traffic jams
  • With the route planner you will always find the most convenient direction of your travel and find nearby places
  • With the GPS route optimizer you’ll be able to track your route, find the most convenient direction of your travel, and spend the least time en route.
  • With the app you’ll know all the traffic situation and be able to make the right decision.
  • The application will help you plan the most optimal routes for the delivery of goods or services. You add a new delivery address and a list of necessary stops: the application will plan the most optimal route taking into account the actual traffic situation. With the help of this application the courier service of any company will reach a new level of efficiency of its work

Application Features

  • Practical route planner with the right stops. Easily add the right stops to any route you want
  • Easily plan routes and figure out the best routes
  • Take the shortest and most convenient routes – GPS navigation will show you the shortest routes between several points and take into account the real traffic conditions
  • Track your route and get traffic updates
  • In-app purchases are supported
  • The app is free, but there are ads
  • Required Android version: 5.0 plus

Download GPS Route Planner from Google Play

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