Google Street View


Capabilities and Features

Large collection of objects – not only popular attractions of large cities are collected in the application. With the help of the service users can see rainforests, jungles, streets of villages or halls of shopping centers. Each panorama provides an all-around view of objects horizontally and at an angle of 290 degrees vertically.

Comfortable work with the map is a good reason to download Google Street View on android for free. For orientation, Google suggests using Pegman. This schematically drawn yellow man shows what the user wants to see. It is enough to move Pegman on the map to the desired location and the app will show how to get there.

Adding your own panoramas is a useful option for creative users. Their photos of streets and buildings can add to the Google collection. Having a special spherical camera will allow them to mount their own panorama of the selected object.

Ease of use and design

The application design and color schemes are traditional for Google. The interface is simple and clear, the control is convenient. The search for the desired object is carried out with a text query or by moving the yellow assistant Pegman on the map. It is possible to create public and private panoramas and edit them, setting up notifications about new additions to the collection.

GGoogle Street View is a free download for Android from the link below. The application is fully ready to use. There are no ads, trial period or additional paid content in it.

Download Google Street View from Google Play

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