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Google Pay Android Wallet

Google decided to simplify the lives of its users and turned the smartphone into a wallet. The developers have created a special application Google Pay, which works on modern smartphones and allows us to make purchases not only on the Internet, but also to pay in supermarkets using a cell phone. The smartphone is with us all the time and there is no need to carry other attributes when you can perform all transactions with one piece.

What’s the app for?

The Google Pay app lets you do away with paper money and wallets and pay with your smartphone. Download the app on your phone, add payment cards (1 or more) and go shopping. The app is fraud-proof and you don’t have to worry about being charged extra money from your account. You no longer need to stand in line to withdraw money – now you just need to bring your cell phone to the terminal and the required amount will be withdrawn from your account.

App Features

The interface of the application is updated and refined, which allows you to understand the program to absolutely everyone. It is not only easy to download, but also to install on your mobile device.

  • Ability to save multiple cards (up to 10 different cards from different banks);
  • It is possible to change the payment card with one click;
  • The application allows you to add not only bank cards, but also gift discount certificates;
  • Your cell phone will receive notifications of various discounts in stores where you constantly shop;
  • Your mailbox will receive information about new products and news related to the application;
  • You will keep all the benefits of a bank client;
  • Information about withdrawal and top-up comes in the form of a message either to the subscriber’s number or to the mail;
  • The system is protected by encryption. All data is verified;
  • Anti-breaking system;
  • 100% protection from swindlers;
  • On your cell phone screen you can find information about recent purchases;
  • One-touch payment processing.

Many users have already appreciated the app. It became popular in a few days. You don’t need the Internet for it to work properly, it’s enough to have this system working in the store.

Advertising and paid content

The Google Pay app is available to users absolutely free of charge. It can be downloaded from the mobile store. There are no paid features. There are no ads.

Download Google Pay from Google Play

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