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This free app gives phone and tablet owners the ability to manage files on their gadgets. File Manager is not yet at the top of such applications according to Google Market, but users are confident that it has a great future.

App Features

  • A full set of basic functions. Among them are copying and moving files, deleting, unpacking archives and much more.
  • Built-in Application Manager. Like ES Explorer, the manager allows you to administer the programs installed on your device.
  • Support for multiple cloud storage. You can use Dropbox, Facebook, Yandex Disk and other accounts instead of choosing one resource. There is its own gallery, tools for analyzing files, transferring them via FTP, SFTP, FTPS and other useful features.
  • The interface is convenient, well adapted for tablets. There are 7 color design themes. File management is clearly organized.

Paid content

Users can download GM file manager from Google Play completely free, the link below. Access to the application apk and all its functionality is free. In the manager there is absolutely no purchase of advanced features and advertising.

Download GM Files from Google Play

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