GlassWire Data Usage Monitor

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GlassWire Data Usage Monitor is an application that monitors mobile Internet traffic and Wi-Fi usage.

App Features

  • View how much mobile Internet traffic is being used on your phone
  • Notification of new programs connection to mobile Internet or Wi-Fi
  • Online connection history of different applications on your phone.
  • Identify suspicious activity in the current hour
  • Graphical display of provided data
  • The “price plan” screen allows you to create lists of unlimited programs
  • The GlassWire firewall gives you the ability to block apps
  • Guaranteed security. It keeps your personal data safe so it never leaves your device

Advertising and paid content

  • Ads are present
  • No information about paid internal purchases
  • There is a paid version of GlassWire Premium

GlassWire Premium Features

  • Effective program blocking. Blocked programs will not be able to go online
  • Access to all design themes
  • Trial Premium version absolutely free
  • Full access to all GlassWire features
  • No ads

Download GlassWire Data Usage Monitor from Google Play

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