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LED Flashlight for Android from the developer Surpax is a mobile app that acts as a great handheld spotlight simulator.

App Features

The application works through the device’s camera, connecting to its LED flash. In addition to the standard flashlight functionality, it provides:

  • Strobe. The flashlight switches to pulse mode with one click, allowing you to signal similar to combat models of light fixtures. The function is suitable for scaring away dogs or parties.
  • Manual flashing frequency settings. Set the number you want to speed up or slow down the light pulses.
  • Widget in the app menu. Quick access to the flashlight on the desktop of the device is convenient for emergencies.

Design of the Flashlight App

The interface of the application is simple, clear and realistic enough. At the top of the screen there is a switch to switch to strobe mode, a little lower is a display with the flashing frequency indicator, in the center there is a switch that you have to pull down to disable the application or up to connect it. At the bottom there is also a button that allows you to turn on or off the sound effects specific to the flashlight.

Pros and cons

Of the advantages of the application can be noted the stability of its work, a simple interface, ease of use and small weight (less than 5 MB). Flashlight for Android is free to download, compatible with all devices, and works in offline mode.

The main drawback of the application is its automatic shutdown when locking the screen or going to the device menu.

Ads and paid content

When the Internet is on, an advertising banner will pop up on the bottom of the screen on your device. Ads may pop up while the app is running. There is no paid content.

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