Flash blink on Call, flashlight alert, color flash

Flash blink logo Flashlight Alert

Application with a good set of options, significantly increasing the comfort when receiving calls, messages, notifications and easy to use. Useful settings and in the presence of 2 types of flashing flashes when receiving an incoming call, SMS or messages from social resources.

App features

  • Simple and clear user interface
  • Flashing flash of an incoming call
  • Blinking flash for incoming messages
  • Ability to adjust flash duration when receiving SMS
  • Flashing flash for incoming call notification
  • DJ lights, LED lighting
  • Flash SOS flash for emergencies
  • Two kinds of flash you can choose from
  • Optional flash speed adjustment – ten speeds
  • Smart option: flash off when using phone – screen on
  • Front and rear flash functionality – as long as they’re available on your device
  • High compatibility and confident operation of the application on various Android devices (phone models and brands)
  • The app is free, but there are ads

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