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The application for accurate prediction of the result of fishing and is addressed to all fishermen: both amateurs and professionals.

Having this application on your android device, you will always have accurate data about the weather conditions, which directly affect the favorable outcome of fishing.

How does the app work?

  • The program is based on MathFish5.1(TM) mathematical models. The program gives a prediction of fishing success for 300 (plus) fish species. Biting of all species of river and lake fish is predicted by the program
  • Program takes data about weather in your location from Internet and get accurate data about atmospheric pressure, air temperature, its humidity, direction and speed of the wind and show the dynamics in the near future.
  • Also calculates the sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, high tide, low tide, and high tide for your location
  • All this data is correlated with the seasonal and diurnal behaviour of different fish species and the MathFish5.1(TM) gives you the results (forecast)
  • The user of the application chooses which factors to take into account (and which not) when predicting fishing results. The screen has switches to disable these or those factors
  • The seasonal pattern is directly related to the coordinates of your location. There are different climatic zones on the map with detailed relief and currents to determine more accurate climate impact
  • The free version of the program contains 3 types of fish

There are regional packages:

  • North America: 76 fish species
  • Europe and Asia: 151 species of fish
  • Marine fish: 322 species

In addition to the application, it is recommended that you install the following applications:

  • “Planet Fish”: the most complete mobile fish encyclopedia for anglers and has free and paid versions
  • Fish Planet’s Fish Calendar: based on the MathFish5.0(TM) scientific model
  • Fisherman’s Notebook: a practical photo journal for history of your fishing achievements, with the ability to store photo images in the cloud
  • Fisherman’s knots: an encyclopedia of all kinds of knots on fishing line, on fishing cords

Download Fisherman Watch from Google Play

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