Find My Kids: Child Cell Phone Location Tracker

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The app is a family tracker, with the help of which parents can monitor the whereabouts of their children. To monitor your child, you need to install this application on your device, and on the child’s device “Chat with parents – GPS-tracker for your child” or GPS-watch.

App Features

  • With GPS locator you will always know where your baby is and where he was during the day
  • The ability to listen to sounds near your baby
  • A special high volume alarm so your child pays attention to your call
  • The program lets you know what your child was doing in class – learning or playing games
  • Safety. You will be notified when your child arrives at school or home
  • The program allows you to monitor the battery status of your child’s device. If the battery level is critical, you will receive a notification and can remind him or her to recharge
  • The ability to chat with your child

GPS watch

  • You can connect your GPS watch to the Where Are My Children app. The watch has a Russian-language interface and technical support
  • A list of supported GPS watches is available on the developer’s website

All functionality of the program is available to users without payment for a trial period. Then the program will continue to be free, but with only one function – locating your child online. To be able to use the full functionality, the user must subscribe. The application asks for some permissions. These are required to use the full functionality of the application.

Download Find My Kids from Google Play

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