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Do you want to know what you spend the most money on and cut costs? To do this, you need to download Finance PM on android. With this app, every penny will be accounted for and controlled, allowing the user to optimize their spending.

App Features

One of the features of the app is the ability to keep Multiple Wallets – the app keeps track of expenses from different accounts. Users can select currency, edit transfers, expenses and receipts in an unlimited number of wallets. It also supports setting up recurring transactions (utility payments, payments for communication services, etc.), it is possible to add or categories of expenses.

Another useful feature of the Limit Setting app is a feature for which you can download Finance PM on android for free. Thanks to it, the user of the application will be able to avoid overspending in travel or in everyday life. Synchronization between different gadgets helps not to go beyond the set amount: not a single expenditure will be unaccounted for.

Detailed statistics allows you to get acquainted with cash flow. The user will see a comparison of the level of his expenses and income, study the expenses in each of the previously configured categories for the selected reporting period.

Usability and design

The design of the application will not impress the advanced user. The design is rather old-school, there are no interesting modern elements in it. The main screen of the manager displays a minimum of information. But the application is russified, and the settings and controls in it are clear and simple. Reporting pie charts are detailed, informative, and give a complete picture of the incoming and outgoing funds.

Finance PM free download on android you can follow the link below. The application with basic functions is free and ready to use. In the financial manager is integrated advertising, which you can disable for a fee.The purchase of a subscription provides the user with prompt technical support, automatic data synchronization and some other features.

Download Expense Tracker from Google Play

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