eWeather HDF: weather, barometer and weather station

eweaather Weather

This is an app with accurate weather forecasts for the next day and the next ten days. The weather forecast data is taken from two weather agencies and a wide range of weather stations.

The weather data on the device display is represented by widgets and temperature icons, precipitation and wind characteristics – in the status bar and on the lock screen.

The current data on atmospheric pressure, data on pressure changes for the previous day and the coming day are shown on the graph.

If the pressure rises, the weather changes for the better, sunny and clear weather, if the pressure drops, cloudy and rainy weather is approaching.

The app has a bright, attractive design that will transform your device.

Features and functions of the eWeather HDF app

  • Timely warnings of impending pressure changes, geomagnetic field outbursts, and deteriorating air quality can affect human health
  • Accurate pressure rise and fall charts in relation to moonrise and sunrise and sunset as well as hourly precipitation and wind forecast
  • Historical data on air and water temperature, precipitation and cloudiness levels for any city worldwide for a year, enabling you to plan the most accurate travel itinerary
  • A useful feature to see upcoming weather changes for months ahead
  • Stylish widgets of different size let you see the weather for a day or 7 days ahead on your device screen without launching the application
  • 50 various widget design options with views of Moscow, Paris, St. Petersburg, as clock etc.
  • The application shows earthquakes for clarity on the map with a filter by parameters: by magnitude, by depth, by distance from the city
  • In the status bar, you will see icons for temperature, atmospheric precipitation, and sudden pressure drops. You can also see wind, earthquakes, humidity, geomagnetic index, moon phases, etc.
  • You can view the weather for tomorrow and for the next 7 days in a pop-up window
  • Possibility to use the application as a home weather station with full-screen clock
  • Comprehensive lunar and solar calendars with sunrise and sunset, moon phases, eclipses, equinoxes, solstices, daylight hours and more
  • Precise data on temperature and precipitation, humidity levels, wind speed and vector, road visibility
  • UV data for each hour to allow detailed planning of sun exposure times to avoid sunburn
  • Timely warnings about snowstorms and ice will allow you to plan trips by car
  • Air pollution level: data on ozone, nitrogen dioxide and oxide, carbon monoxide, etc. for cities in Russia and worldwide
  • The app monitors weather data even when it’s closed

Download eWeather HDF from Google Play

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