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ePayments is a handy electronic wallet for android, which is indispensable for those who work on the Internet. Do you make money online, but can’t figure out how to get the money you earn to your bank card? It’s pretty easy, all you have to do is download this app. Receive payments from your employer, pay for a huge list of services, and withdraw cash anywhere in the world. Now all these operations are very easy to perform.

It is very easy to arrange a purse, it will take you no more than five minutes of your precious time. Do not know how the crediting of your earnings?

How do I refill my ePayments wallet?

  • Funds are credited to your e-wallet.
  • There is a bank transfer from Europe to your personal virtual IBAN.
  • At this stage the funds are transferred to your card in the application.
  • Transfer in the application to the specified bank details.
  • Transfer from a cryptocurrency wallet.

You can use your finances at your own discretion. It is a cash withdrawal through ATMs and there is no territorial limit. It is also available to pay for goods and services through online stores with an Internet card. You can transfer your earnings to your regular bank card at any time and much more.

Download ePayments: wallet & bank card from Google Play

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