DS Barometer – Altimeter and Weather Information


A program for monitoring changes in atmospheric pressure on Android devices with or without a barometric sensor.

The application will be useful for all users who are interested in having accurate data on atmospheric pressure and upcoming changes in weather conditions.

Owning such data, you can plan your activities in time: a trip to fishing, hunting, organizing hiking and biking.

The application will also help people who are weather-dependent to take timely countermeasures and prevent the deterioration of their health.

The program has a function to monitor atmospheric pressure in conjunction with your location relative to sea level.

If your device has its own sensor, the app uses the pressure measured by it to analyze the barometric pressure relative to sea level, taking your location into account.

It also takes your location into account to calculate temperature and altitude from a database of these parameters.

Devices without a barometric sensor will determine the pressure at your location using GPS and an Internet connection


  • By tapping on any of the dials, you will see an explanation of how the displayed result was obtained
  • By tapping on any dial, you will be able to control the reporting unit
  • An altimeter is used. Based on atmospheric pressure measurements and reference values, the unit calculates altitude above sea level or atmospheric pressure at sea level
  • Continuous monitoring of atmospheric pressure displayed in graphs and charts
  • Monitoring of air temperature characteristics


If atmospheric pressure monitoring is enabled, but you cannot record pressure data, then disable the battery saving option and the problem will be corrected.

Download DS Barometer – Altimeter and Weather Information from Google Play

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