Digital compass


The app is highly accurate and easy to use. It will help you to determine the right direction without any errors. You must have a gas pedal and a magnetometer on your device in order for the app to function properly.

Application Features

  • Accurate determination of your current location: longitude, latitude, address
  • Exact determination of altitude
  • Exact determination of magnetic field strength
  • Fixation of current compass accuracy status
  • Full sensor information
  • Direction Finder

For the normal functioning of the compass:

  • Exclude the influence of any electromagnetic interference that may emanate from nearby electrical appliances and devices, such as laptops, PCs, electrical transformers, power lines, batteries, and similar devices. Compass readings may not be correct in the presence of such devices
  • It is necessary to have a gas pedal and a magnetometer on your device. If there is no magnetometer on the device, it may be determined by the gps
  • If necessary, calibrate according to the instructions


N – direction to the north
E – direction to the east
S – south direction
W – direction to the west

The app contains ads, and there are in-app purchases: paid content: $1.99 per item.

Download Digital compass from Google Play

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