Compass Map Barometer Altimeter


The Compass and Barometer app is a navigation tool with a wide range of options. For the compass to work accurately it is necessary to have a magnetic sensor in the device.

With the application you will always know the direction of the world, you will be able to determine your location, have data on atmospheric pressure, as well as be able to use files for Google maps, GPS satellite view of the sky, custom static maps and so on.

The application features will be appreciated by hikers, bikers, tourists and travelers.
Accurate data on atmospheric pressure will help you determine the coming weather surprises and adjust your plans.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Latitude, longitude, altitude data
  • Precise barometric pressure readings
  • Find and view your location on the map
  • Google maps with kml downloads
  • Custom static maps (no internet required)
  • Localization of magnetic or real pole
  • Supports 4 languages: English, French, German, Romanian.

“Compass and Barometer” – digital navigation tool with compass, barometer, altitude, Google and image map.

Download Compass Map Barometer Altimeter from Google Play

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