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One of the most popular note-taking apps for android. The user-friendliness and beautiful interface of the ColorNote app have won the recognition of a huge number of people around the world.

App Features

Simple notes – the application allows you to create an unlimited number of text notes and lists (lists) with a minimum of actions. If necessary, they can just as easily be sent by e-mail, SMS or send to Twitter. There is a convenient search for the desired notes, the possibility of organizing them by color for greater clarity.

Memo reminders are another reason to download ColorNote on android for free. The app can display a notification of a meeting or shopping list in the status bar of your device or remind you of an event using the calendar. Recurring reminders are set, which allows you to use the notepad as an organizer. It is also possible to lock unauthorized access to entries (all or some of them) with a password.

Backup – so that notes are not lost, users can store them online. You can sync your notes with your Google or Facebook account. All information is AES encrypted before uploading. Backups are also available to save notes to your mobile device.

Usability and design

Этот симпатично оформленный блокнот пользователи считают одним из самых простых в управлении. Он полностью русифицирован, для работы не требует подключения к Интернету (только для синхронизации с другими устройствами или для бэкапа в облако). Интерфейс понятный, пользователь сам выбирает вид отображения заметок, их цвет, систему сортировки. Есть виджеты для быстрого доступа к отдельным записям.

You can download ColorNote for free on android from the link at the bottom of the page. The app is distributed completely free. It has no restrictions on the time of use, additional content for sale, digital purchases. At the moment, the notepad doesn’t even use ads to monetize

Download ColorNote Notepad Notes from Google Play

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