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More and more people are paying with cards instead of cash and prefer e-wallets to regular ones. Modern smartphones allow you to install a “mobile wallet” and pay everywhere with your smartphone. But to pay via phone you will need to install a special application. Today we will look at one of them.

What’s the app for?

The “Cards – Mobile Wallet” application for Android cell phones allows you to collect all your bank, transportation, discount, ID cards, key cards and tickets in one place. Now you can get notifications about discounts in your favorite store, quickly order a pizza or pay for a fare without “paper” red tape. The user doesn’t have to open the app, just click on the “Quick Card” pop-up and select the necessary card to pay for the service.

App Features

  • You can save not just one map, but all the maps that you have at once;
  • Quick access to any card;
  • The user receives notifications about various promotions, discounts, sales, etc.;
  • 100% security of your wallet;
  • Ability to unlock any card with a special code. Newer models of the phone have the function of unlocking with a fingerprint;
  • Card and owner data are encrypted and stored in the cloud;
  • Ability to provide a barcode of the card when ordering.

Advertising and paid content

The “Cards – Mobile Wallet” application is absolutely free. There are no ads, so the application does not freeze and works quickly. Paid features are not provided by the developers.

Download Cards – Mobile Wallet from Google Play

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